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Sharing our passion for boating.


. . . to the Landings Yacht Club (LYC) website. The LYC is a boating and social club within The Landings Yacht, Golf and Tennis Club, a gated community in Fort Myers, Florida. The club was formed in 1980 and is open to all Landings residents. We strive to provide our members with fun activities both afloat and on land.  The LYC (and its members) belong to the Yachting Club of America, a national association of yacht clubs.

Join in the Fun!
Click Here for the latest LYC Calendar for the 2022-2023 Year!  Meet your new Board of Directors for 2022-2023 LYC Year. 

Landings Yacht Club Membership 2022-2023

LYC Board Members have been busy making plans for the Blessing of the Fleet, Thirsty Tuesdays, Lunch Bunch, Short Cruises, Long Cruises, Christmas Tree Lighting, Holiday Dinner Dance, Mid-Winter Dinner Dance, Salmon-Chicken Cook Out, Junk In Your Trunk Sale, Annual Meeting and the Change of Watch Dinner Dance.  

The upcoming year will have so many fun activities and events scheduled for everyone to enjoy, so renew your membership early and look forward to all the Landings Yacht Club has to offer.

The membership fee is $75 per household. LYC Membership for 2022-2023 is Open! Click Here to register.

Landings Yacht Club Board Meetings 

Meetings are held once a month from October through April. Our next meeting is schedule for April 6, 2023, at 4 PM in the Purser's Quarters. Mark your calendar! Please join us! Meetings will be available on Zoom. Click to Join the Zoom Meeting on meeting day!

Daily Hurricane Update from Waterway Guide!

Waterway Guide reports the changing status of marinas, docks, bridges and waterways following weather-related damage in the regions we cover. Use this portal to search and filter facilities that may be impacted by natural disasters, hurricanes or other events. 

The information listed here comes from boaters, marinas, partners, the U.S. Coast Guard, our staff of on-the-water boating editors and internal teams of experts. Waterway Guide is committed to providing boaters with up-to-date content for captains and crew to make informed decisions regarding their safety.

We will publish and update news about affected facilities and waterways until normal conditions resume.

Here is a peek at the LYC Season for 2022-2023! Check back often.

Overnight cruises, dinner dances, monthly Lunch Bunch cruises, parties and more. Click to see our overnight cruise list,  our Lunch Bunch schedule, or for our line up of parties, boater training, and other activities.

Get Connected - Volunteer!!

What better way to get to know your fellow LYC members!  Volunteer to help out with a cruise, a project or a party!  Or volunteer your photography, communications, computer or organizational skills to get better connected and contribute personally to the FUN. Click here to tell us more about your interests.

Share Your LYC Photos

Click on the Share Photos button on the bottom of each page to create an email and attach your choice pics from LYC events to be included in our Photo Sharing site.  

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